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Fire Watch Services in Oakland, CA

The Guard Alliance is committed to keeping people and properties safe.

Our highly skilled and trained professionals offer many services, including developing fire safety plans, performing inspections to ensure you’re up to code and testing fire prevention systems.

We’re available 24/7 to remedy fire threats and safeguard your site in case of an emergency.

Why Make Us Your Fire Watch Company in Oakland?

The Guard Alliance is a leading fire guard team with many years of experience. We protect people and properties at all locations, including apartment complexes, homes, nursing facilities, offices, retail environments, schools or universities, hospitals and special event sites.

Our team provides permanent or temporary fire watch security services in Oakland and surrounding areas. We have many strategically placed facilities, allowing us to respond quickly to sites throughout the United States.


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What Tasks Comprise Our Oakland Fire Watch Services?

Fire watch services give homes and businesses the best fire prevention capabilities to save lives and assets. The Guard Alliance can do the following:

  • Develop fire safety plans: Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals can develop a fire safety plan for your family, organization or company. We strategize the best course of action and routes to take in an emergency.
  • Ensure you follow compliance regulations: We stay up to date with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations to ensure you follow the proper fire codes. Our team performs detailed inspections to point out any non-compliant practices, so you can stay as safe as possible while avoiding fees for violations.
  • Test your fire prevention systems: Our professionals test sprinklers and automatic fire prevention systems like alarms so you know they work appropriately. We also inform you of potential hazards like bad wiring, flammable materials and equipment or risky activities on your site.
  • Respond in an emergency: We follow the predetermined fire safety plan if an emergency occurs. Our fire safety guards quickly activate the in-house alarm systems, notify first responders and the property management team and assist with escorting people away from the premises.
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Benefits of Our Fire Watch Services in Oakland

As Oakland’s leading fire watch security company, we prioritize quality in everything we do. Our services and solutions offer these benefits:

  • Peace of mind: Our fire guards have the skills and training to identify fire risks and create prevention plans. Property owners can feel at ease knowing they follow the safest and most compliant practices possible.
  • Fire prevention: We conduct a tour of a location, scan the site for potential fire threats and provide clients with full documentation of the patrolled areas. Our guards can identify hazards such as a lack of fire extinguishers or blocked emergency exits in a high-risk area.
  • Expert guidance: Our experts can answer any questions about fire safety and local or state guidelines. We recommend the best practices for preventative plans so you can reduce risks.
  • Reliable responses: We respond to emergencies around the clock. Our fire guards work quickly to reduce any risks of damage, bodily injury or loss of life and stay on the site until safety is confirmed.

Other Oakland Security Guard Services We Provide


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Fire Watch Services that Protect People and Properties in Oakland Is Our Job.

No One Does It Better Than Our Agency – Which Is A Fact Proven By Decades Of Profound Experience!

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