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Fire Watch Services in Columbus, OH

Your Columbus facility’s built-in fire safety system protects your assets and personnel, but what happens when detection systems malfunction? Most fire marshals require a professional fire watch service be deployed to cover any gaps. Noncompliance could result in complex liability issues, in addition to fire damage.

The Guard Alliance has provided fire watch services as part of our core offerings since our founding in 2010. Whether we are serving individuals or large businesses, it’s our goal to deploy experienced fire watch security teams tailored to your needs – giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Benefits of Partnering With a Fire Watch Service

When your facility’s fire detection system malfunctions, fire watch guards may be required by law. It can be challenging to find professional fire watch guards on short notice  – the best way to avoid noncompliance is to have an existing relationship with a reliable fire watch company in Columbus.

The Guard Alliance deploys professional fire watch guards across Ohio, trained to cover outages. We also assist organizations involved in “hot work” – such as construction sites with open flames – who may require fire watch on short notice.


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What to Expect When You Hire Fire Watch Services in Columbus

Our fire watch guards are called in when clients require additional security for “hot work” or when their facility’s fire suppression system experiences an outage. Guard Alliance team members are deployed ready to work. We ensure they are familiar with your site so they can patrol problem areas and make recommendations to improve your fire risk profile.

We support our team with 24/7 coverage and generate daily reports for our clients to review. As a multifaceted security company, we can supplement fire watch with other guard services to further mitigate risk on your job site.

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Reliable Fire Watch Coverage from The Guard Alliance

Choosing our fire watch security company in Columbus means you’ll have a team of trained professionals on-site. We provide coverage for both short and long-term needs, and our team is ready to offer advice and expertise whenever you need it.

GPS software and 24-hour support ensure our guards in the field never operate solo. Our fire watch guards will make sure your facility is compliant with all applicable regulations. We’ll help you secure your assets with the help of our cross-functional team and robust system of checks and double-checks.

Other Columbus Security Guard Services We Provide


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Unarmed Security Guards

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Patrol Vehicle Guards

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Fire Watch Services that Protect People and Properties in Columbus Is Our Job.

No One Does It Better Than Our Agency – Which Is A Fact Proven By Decades Of Profound Experience!

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Curious About Fire Watch Security Services in Columbus?

With the support of a dedicated site supervisor and access to 24/7 emergency response capability, you can feel confident knowing The Guard Alliance is looking out for what matters most — your people and property.

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