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Armed Security Services in Miami, FL

If you’ve been looking for dependable armed security guards in Miami, look no further than The Guard Alliance. Our private security guard company offers an array of services designed to protect people and property. From residential and commercial properties to construction sites, our state-licensed, fully insured and bonded security company has you covered.



Benefits of Hiring Private Armed Security in Miami

Having armed security guards on your property is one of the most effective ways of preventing crime. Even when you’re away from the site or busy, armed guards will be on alert, monitoring any suspicious activity, conducting surveillance work and gathering evidence as needed.

It’s crucial to have a way to keep everyone and everything safe, especially if you own a business that deals with expensive assets or host heavily attended events like a trade show or convention. Armed guards possess both the training and tools to respond to situations ranging from burglaries to assaults to active shooters, preventing incidents from escalating.

What Makes Our Team Elite

At The Guard Alliance, we’ve developed an elite team of armed security guards that is qualified to work on any property. While our professionals include former military personnel, security specialists and police officers, we uphold stringent standards regarding the individuals who join our crew. Every applicant must complete our selection process, during which they undergo numerous interviews, background checks and drug tests.

Once each guard has passed our hiring tests, we ensure they stay up to date on the latest tactics and techniques through extensive training programs. You can trust that they’ll read each job manual and take daily notes to ensure they remain in compliance with all rules and regulations.

Stay Protected With Miami Armed Security Guard Services

Whether we’re screening those who will attend your trade show or conference or stopping a criminal in their tracks, our armed security guards are committed to doing what it takes to cater to your specific needs and requirements.

Our team has the training to work with clients in all industries. With additional services like on-site guards with vehicle patrol and fire watch guards, you can trust that we’ll keep your place secure. Because we understand that criminal activity can happen at any time, we are prepared to respond to emergencies 24/7.

Benefits of Choosing Our Miami Armed Security Guard Company

Regardless of the specific security services you need, when you work with us, you’ll:

  • Get a same-day estimate with no secret or hidden fees.
  • Receive timely responses from everyone in the company.
  • Have access to a dedicated site supervisor to oversee your security team.
  • Be able to cancel your security services at any time with a 24-hour notice.

Request a Quote Today

It’s easier than ever to learn more about our top-notch security company. Interested in learning more about what makes us one of the best in the industry? We invite you to give us a call at 305-570-1587 or contact us online to request a quote today.


Unarmed Guards

We are staffed with licensed, well selected and highly trained unarmed security guards in Miami, Florida, dedicated to their communities.


Fire Watch Service

We provide commercial and residential properties in Miami, FL with well-trained personnel that understand all fire watch service procedures.


Onsite Guard With Patrol Vehicle

Our vehicle security patrol services in Miami, FL are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are fully customized to meet your unique needs.




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