Armed Security Services in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you require personal security or aim to safeguard a commercial establishment, rely on The Guard Alliance.

Our private company offers armed security guards in Jacksonville, Florida, and the neighboring areas.

With the expertise and dedication, we are equipped to fulfill all your security needs for both scheduled services and emergency situations around the clock.

Private and Armed Security in Jacksonville

At The Guard Alliance, our exceptional team comprises former law enforcement agents, retired military personnel, and highly trained security guards. Our meticulous screening process involves multi-level interviews, drug test panels, and thorough background verification with the FBI, DOJ, and local and state law agencies.

Rigorous mental and physical training sets our armed security guards apart as the most intelligent and resilient in the industry. We ensure that all our guards undergo extensive training in customer service, patrol techniques, defense tactics, and anti-terrorism. Our armed security guards are licensed to protect people and properties in or around Jacksonville, Florida, as well as other areas of the United States.



Why Choose Our Jacksonville Armed Security Guard Services?

There are numerous reasons why property and facility managers, construction superintendents, and company managers and leaders prefer security services from The Guard Alliance. We provide the following advantages:

  • Diverse locations: Our company caters to Florida and various other locations across the U.S. We serve as your comprehensive solution if you have multiple properties spanning state lines or require security for an out-of-state event.
  • Prompt Response: We train our armed security personnel to respond immediately to situations. This dedication has earned us a reputation as the top choice in the industry.
  • Comprehensive services: Our team, comprising armed guards, unarmed guards, fire watch guards, and patrol vehicle guards, operates with customized patrol plans. If your needs evolve, we can adjust to accommodate your requests.
  • Insurance coverage: We are bonded and insured at over five times the required limits for our industry. Additionally, each of our guards is covered with $1 million in workers’ compensation and carries $5 million liability insurance for all our assignments.
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Jacksonville’s Best Armed Security Guard Company

When individuals, organizations, and businesses are in need of top-quality armed security guards, they turn to The Guard Alliance. Certified as “Corporate Ready” by the Golden State Warriors and United Airlines, our professionals are ready to work on any property, including:

  • Businesses or facilities: Not every business requires armed security guards, but there are instances when our team becomes an invaluable resource. Our robust security presence can deter crimes like assaults, burglaries, and robberies on a daily basis, especially for companies handling large amounts of cash and expensive assets.
  • Event venues: Our guards may be required at large events such as conferences or trade shows. They can assist with screening visitors, maintaining crowd control, and surveilling the premises to mitigate potential threats.
  • Public spaces: In other scenarios, our armed security guards are prepared to respond to active shooter incidents. Our immediate armed response is crucial to mitigate threats and reduce injuries or loss of life.

Other Jacksonville Security Guard Services We Provide


Unarmed Security Guards

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Firewatch Services

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Patrol Vehicle Guards


Armed Security That Makes Sure No Threats Disrupt Your Business Activity Or Your Personal Life in Jacksonville Is Our Job.

No One Does It Better Than Our Agency – Which Is A Fact Proven By Decades Of Profound Experience!

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The Guard Alliance offers armed security for individuals and various locations, including apartments, homes, offices, commercial buildings, retail facilities, and construction sites in Jacksonville.

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