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The security landscape in the United States has changed drastically over the last ten years. Individuals and organizations in Albany and Upstate New York are increasingly reliant on armed security services as part of their risk management strategies.

The Guard Alliance maintains a roster of experienced security guards, former law enforcement officers, and military veterans that can be dispatched to any site in Albany with minimal notice. Request a quote today, and start protecting your vital assets with the help of armed security professionals from The Guard Alliance.

What Makes Us Albany's Most Reliable Armed Security Service?

Fully Insured and Ready to Serve

Our armed security guards are insured beyond industry standards, with coverage up to $1 million per occurrence.

24/7 Dispatch

Our central office is staffed 24/7, ready to respond to requests at any time.


Custom Pricing

We provide custom quotes for each deployment, and transparent pricing to eliminate hidden fees.

The Most Experienced Security Professionals

Armed guards from The Guard Alliance are fully certified in the use of firearms and receive additional site-specific training before deploying.

Rapid Response Time

We maintain several satellite offices in New York State to ensure our guards can deploy within hours.

Can Scale to Meet Your Needs

You may only need a single guard to cover an absence, or a team to patrol day and night – whatever your requirements, we are here to help.

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Private Armed Security in Albany

The Guard Alliance Inc deploys the industry’s most experienced armed guards to secure critical assets and ensure peace of mind for all stakeholders. By hiring former military personnel, police officers, and guards with prior experience, we ensure our team members in the field are capable of handling any security challenge. Our armed security professionals are available for 24-hour coverage and can deploy for any length of service. If you require guards in patrol vehicles, on foot, or a combination of the two, we can accommodate.

Armed Security, Ready for Anything in Albany, NY

With over a decade of experience in Upstate New York, The Guard Alliance’s security professionals have successfully tackled every type of security challenge Cleveland has to offer, including:

crowd at a concert event

Event Venues

retail clothing store

Retail Stores

gated residential community

Residential Properties

Bank teller man’s hands giving dollar banknotes

Financial Institutions

construction site tools

Construction Sites

cityscape with buildings against cloudy sky.

Commercial Properties

Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves

Industrial Warehouses

Interior of modern office room 3D rendering

Office Buildings

school classroom

School Security


Benefits of Armed Security in Albany

It’s an unfortunate fact that Albany, NY experiences crime rates well above the state and national averages. Armed wrongdoers are capable of inflicting tremendous harm that’s felt across entire communities. The Guard Alliance provides Albany’s organizations with highly trained armed guards to respond to the changing landscape.

  • Crime Deterrence: The presence of armed security is often enough to deter foul play. Criminals will avoid your space, and our guards will be ready for those who don’t.
  • Efficient Incident Resolution: Our security experts communicate incident data to help clients and law enforcement resolve issues quickly.
  • Professionalism: Our guards receive extensive training to de-escalate situations when possible, and respond with appropriate force when necessary.
  • Customer and Employee Safety: On-site operations are conducted smoothly and safely when armed security personnel are surveilling the premises.

Other Albany Security Guard Services We Provide


Unarmed Security Guards

firewatch guard 2

Firewatch Services

security guard in a car wearing sunglasses smiling

Patrol Vehicle Guards

New York State Capitol Building in Albany

Armed Security That Makes Sure No Threats Disrupt Your Business Activity Or Your Personal Life in Albany Is Our Job.

No One Does It Better Than Our Agency – Which Is A Fact Proven By Decades Of Profound Experience!

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