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Even in the sleepiest regions of Central Illinois, the safety of your family, property, or business is not guaranteed. That’s why it’s essential to partner with a reliable security guard and fire watch service as part of your overall risk management strategy. A well-trained and professionally dressed security guard is a proven deterrent to criminal activity. In addition, organizations in Peoria, IL increasingly rely on fire watch services to safeguard vital assets and ensure fire code compliance. Our security and fire watch guards receive industry-leading training to discourage lawbreakers from targeting your property.

About Our Peoria Security Guard Company

The Guard Alliance Inc has built a reputation for being the most reliable security company in the USA. We have provided security and fire watch guards for individuals and organizations in Peoria, Springfield, Bloomington, and other areas. Founded in 2010 by a former security guard and mathematician, it’s our mission to elevate the training and professionalism of security guard services nationwide. If you’d like to partner with a reliable security guard or fire watch company in Peoria, The Guard Alliance can help improve your risk management strategy by deploying the most well-trained and experienced security guards in the industry.

What Makes Our Peoria Security Guard Company Unique?


No Long-Term Contracts

We prioritize flexibility when providing security services in Peoria, IL. Our clients can adjust or terminate services, free from contractual obligations. Transparent, customized pricing ensures our clients know the value they are getting for their investment. Combined with our reputation as the most experienced security guard service in the USA, our flexibility has earned us one of the highest retention rates in our industry.

24-Hour Availability

Whether you are in Peoria, IL, or anywhere else in the USA, security threats do not stop at the close of business. Establishing a reliable 24/7 dispatch center has been an essential part of our success as a security company in Illinois. Our dispatchers are ready to communicate instructions, report incidents, manage emergency calls, and ensure the safety of everyone on site.

GPS-Monitored Guards

We rely on a GPS-enabled tour system to monitor our guards in real-time. Our dispatch center establishes a geofence around the patrol area and is alerted the moment a security breach occurs, or if a guard strays from their assigned area. You’ll receive daily updates in your inbox detailing guard activity and any applicable incident reports.

Licensed, Insured, & Ready to Serve

Our guards boast licensing and coverage well above the minimum state requirements. The Guard Alliance’s security professionals are insured for up to $1 million per occurrence ($3 million), with additional coverage available for clients who require it.

Our Security Guard Service Options in Peoria

The Guard Alliance Inc deploys highly trained and experienced guards across Illinois. As one of the top-tier security companies operating in the region, we are proud to provide comprehensive security and risk management solutions. Our unarmed security personnel maintain order without weapons, while armed guards provide a higher level of security through extensive firearms training. Vehicle patrol guards deliver mobile security over a wide service area, and fire watch guards are trained to detect hazards and cover any gaps in a facility’s fire detection capabilities. We can customize a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of any organization in Peoria.

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Unarmed Guards

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Armed Guards

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Fire Watch Service

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Patrol Vehicle Guards

Peoria, IL City Hall

Trust The Guard Alliance for Security Guard Services in Peoria, IL

When you need experienced security personnel in a hurry, you can trust The Guard Alliance. Our security professionals are licensed, experienced, and insured beyond state requirements. Clients enjoy access to the best security and fire watch guards in the industry, backed up by 24/7 dispatch support. Reach out to us for customized pricing, and to see which of our security services is the right fit for your risk management needs.

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