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Even in the most tranquil regions of Upstate New York, the safety of your family, property, or business is not guaranteed. To mitigate the risks of property loss and physical harm, individuals and organizations in Albany, NY are relying on security guard services in greater numbers each year. A trustworthy and reliable security company in Albany can help you identify and minimize ongoing risks, prevent loss, and ensure the safety of your critical assets. The presence of a well-trained and professionally dressed security guard is a proven deterrent to criminal activity. The Guard Alliance has been proud to serve Albany and New York State since 2010, and can deploy local personnel within hours.

About Our Albany Security Guard Company

The Guard Alliance Inc was founded in 2010 by a mathematician and former security guard who recognized the need for a security company capable of deploying highly-trained guards anywhere in the United States with minimal notice. Businesses and individuals in Albany trust our security guard services to secure their vital assets and rely on our fire watch services to cover gaps in their fire detection systems. If you’d like to add security guard or fire watch services to your risk management strategy, we can assist by deploying experienced security professionals to Albany within hours.

What Makes Our Albany Security Guard Company Unique?


No Long Term Contracts

We provide customized pricing for every security guard deployment in Albany, NY. Custom quoting and transparent pricing - with no hidden fees or long-term contracts - have helped us earn our reputation as the most responsive security guard service operating in Albany.

24-Hour Availability

Albany’s security threats don't end at 5 pm. We offer 24/7 dispatch support from our central office: providing instructions, managing emergency calls, and arranging security guard deployments any time of day.

GPS Monitored Guards

We rely on a GPS-enabled guard tour system to track our guards’ hours, breaks, patrols, and incident reports. Our 24-hour dispatch center establishes a geofence around the patrol area and is alerted the moment a guard fails to report in, or strays beyond their assigned area. This allows us to monitor our guards while providing much-needed transparency for our Albany clients.

Licensed, Insured, & Ready to Serve

The Guard Alliance Inc is an Albany security guard company that goes beyond the minimum state and federal requirements for guard licensing and insurance. Our guards are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for up to $1 million per occurrence ($3 million). Clients can request additional insurance coverage for specific jobs as needed.

Our Security Guard Service Options in Albany

The Guard Alliance is one of America’s fastest-growing and most reliable security companies, deploying highly trained and experienced guards across New York State. We offer a range of security solutions to meet the needs of our diverse clientele, including armed guards, unarmed guards, patrol vehicles, and fire watch services. Our unarmed security personnel maintain order without weapons, while armed guards provide a higher level of security through extensive firearms training, and vehicle patrol guards deliver mobile security over a wide service area. Fire watch guards are trained to detect hazards and cover any gaps in a facility’s fire detection capabilities.

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Unarmed Guards

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Armed Guards

firewatch guard

Fire Watch Service

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Patrol Vehicle Guards

New York State Capitol Building in Albany

Trust The Guard Alliance for Security Guard Services in Albany, NY

If you’re in need of highly-trained and professional security personnel in Albany, you can trust the Guard Alliance. Our experienced and highly trained security professionals are ready to deploy in Upstate New York with minimal notice. Reach out to us for customized pricing, and to see which of our security services is the right fit for your risk management needs.

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