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It’s no secret that private security is one the most sought-after services in Tampa today. Homeowners and businesses use the services of unarmed guards and armed guards to secure their infrastructure, equipment, property, and valuables.

While the question of whether or not to hire a security guard service is a personal decision, the increase in insecurity makes it necessary for residential and commercial clients. Gone are the days when only the elite and famous would enlist the services of private security. Nowadays, whether you work in retail or own an apartment complex, a security guard service is vital to maintaining the safety of your premises.

Creating a safe and secure environment not only encourages your employees to work better but also gives you peace of mind and a higher sense of security.

In Tampa, one of the best security guard companies is The Guard Alliance Inc. Started ten years ago in California, The Guard Alliance Inc offers security guard services to residential and commercial clients. Our goal is to provide unmatched and top-notch security services regardless of how complex or severe your security issues are.

We have a team of trained and professional security personnel that can handle emergencies and secure your premises 24/7. Remember, you can’t afford to carry on the day to day running of your business without professional security guards.


Our services

As one of the top security guard companies in Tampa, The Guard Alliance Inc provides an array of security services, including:

  • Private security
  • Armed guards
  • Fire watch guards
  • Unarmed guards

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and that’s why we offer customization to address the security needs of our clients in Tampa. Our security guards have extensive experience in security threats and solutions, and no issue’s too big for them to resolve. They have a wide knowledge base of security solutions, ensuring you get comprehensive services to maintain a safe and secure business and home environment.


What types of businesses need security guard services?

Many people assume that only financial institutions need the services of professional security guards. Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely true. Most businesses in the Tampa area are vulnerable to theft, burglary, robbery, and vandalism, regardless of the size or type. So, don’t assume that your business is not a target of criminal activity simply because it doesn’t handle cash.

Some of the businesses or industries that require our professional guard services include:

1. Construction sites

The construction industry is prone to crime and hazards that risk the lives of passersby and employees. This is because construction often uses high-end and expensive machinery that’s stored on-site for months until the project is complete.

Since the equipment is worth millions of dollars, criminals usually target these sites. Fortunately, with construction site guards, vandals and thieves, think twice before invading your site. Therefore, the mere presence of a security guard deters crime, protecting your valuable equipment.

Our security guards patrol your site, identifying any unusual or suspicious activity. Additionally, our fire watch guards monitor and identify potential fire hazards that can destroy property and injure employees. Therefore, construction sites need security guards to maintain a safe working environment free of hazards.

2. Retail stores

If you’re in the retail industry, you know how shoplifting presents a significant security threat, resulting in huge losses. Luckily, our retail guards work to minimize shoplifting and keep an eye out for suspicious activity from employees and customers.

Think of our retail guards as an added layer of protection, securing your establishment and ensuring all security systems are in place and work efficiently. Alternatively, our retail guards can add to your customer service by showing customers where to find products or walking them to their vehicles in the parking lot.

With our retail guards, you can minimize theft, which is common in retail stores located in abandoned streets or stores open at night when the traffic is low.

3. Schools

Unfortunately, violence in schools is at an all-time high. Parents and guardians no longer feel safe leaving their kids in school, forcing many to opt for homeschooling. Luckily, you can maintain a safe school environment by hiring unarmed guards or armed guards.

Security guards protect students, teachers, parents, and visitors and prevent break-ins or invasions. They can also handle any situation that places other people at risk. For example, if there’s a shootout, an armed guard can hunt down the suspect, detain them, and safeguard victims from potential harm.

Our armed guards create a higher sense of security, assuring parents their kids are in a safe environment free from harm.

4. Residential communities

Businesses are not the only establishments targeted by criminals. Residential communities, apartments, and complexes are common hotspots for crimes such as theft, vandalism, and robbery. To guarantee your loved ones and tenant’s safety, it’s wise to hire our security guards for your residential properties.

Our security guards patrol your residential premises, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity. You’re more likely to reduce vandalism and trespassing when you have a security guard present. Additionally, tenants may prefer renting an apartment complex with guards as they know they’ll be safe.

5. Banks

Having security guards at your bank goes without saying. Banks handle a lot of cash daily, and they store personal financial information that needs protection. Without efficient security measures in place, vandals and thieves can take advantage, compromising the security of data and safety of employees and clients.

That’s why banks and financial institutions need to hire our security guards to protect their premises. Our armed and unarmed guards can offer access control, workplace violence protection, and monitor security electronics.


Need security services in Tampa?

At The Guard Alliance Inc, we offer security services to various industries, including office buildings, apartments, schools, banks, retail stores, and warehouses. Our security personnel have experience in handling weaponry and firearms and can protect and secure your premises 24/7.

Our focus is on satisfying our residential and commercial clients in Tampa by providing quality and unmatched security services. Contact us today to make an appointment.



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