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Without security, you live in constant fear of threats and physical danger in your environment. That’s why it’s important to get a quality security guard service or fire-watch service to secure your property, business, or valuables in the San Francisco Bay Area. Security guard services in San Francisco not only ensure the safety of your commercial or residential property but also help to recognize potential hazards so you can act accordingly. Having a security guard also makes people in your family or building feel safe and secure.

What we offer

The Guard Alliance Inc is one of the leading security guard companies in the business. we provide security guard and fire-watch services to individuals in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the services we provide include fire-watch, unarmed, and armed services. Whether you want to secure your school, hotel, home, or business premise, your best bet is to call us. Our security professionals are well trained, and they keep a close eye on your site. In case of any potential dangers, they quickly identify them and come up with a quick, viable solution.

If you work in the construction industry, you should consider hiring a fire watch service provided by security companies in San Francisco. Fire hazards are common in construction sites, and preventing them ensures you and your employees are safe. Our fire-watch guards ensure there are no fire hazards in your buildings and also make sure you comply with the local fire-watch guidelines.

As for businesses in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, hiring an unarmed or armed security service deters criminals away from your premises. This reduces security risks in your business that may threaten people, life, and negatively impact the reputation of your company. Don’t take risks! Choose from one of the best security guard companies in San Francisco, CA and achieve peace of mind.

Need security services?

Searching “security companies near me”? The Guard Alliance Inc is the answer! We provide quality security and fire-watch services to residential and commercial clients. Call or chat with us to answer your questions.



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