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Feeling safe and secure is essential in leading a healthy and successful life. Whether it’s at your home or business premise, the feeling of security ensures you operate normally and efficiently. That’s why it’s vital to hire a quality security guard service or fire-watch service to protect your residential or commercial property in the Sacramento Area. A security guard service adds an extra layer of security to your property while deterring theft and criminal activity. You can’t underestimate the importance of a security guard in securing your valuables and business.

What we provide

At The Guard Alliance Inc, we provide top-notch security services in the greater Sacramento area. Our team of security guards and fire-watch staff have the experience, training, and the skills required to meet your security needs. Our personnel also go through an extensive selection process and several background checks to ensure we hire the best security staff. Whether you want a security guard for your school, restaurant, home, or hotel, your best bet is to call us. Some of the services we provide include fire-watch, unarmed and armed security services.

If you want your staff to be more productive at work, you should consider hiring an unarmed security guard service. Employees are highly productive when they feel secure in their environments, and there is a safety procedure in place in case of a threat. Our unarmed security guards guarantee this safety by keeping a close eye on your premises for potential dangers.

As for homes in the Sacramento Area, having a security guard service ensures your valuables are safe by minimizing theft. Our security guards protect your house from a wide range of risks, including vandalism and assaults, which can harm you and your loved ones.

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