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Safety at your workplace and in your home in the Portland area is vital as it protects you, your employees, and your loved ones from injury. This, in turn, increases productivity, raises employee morale and reduces security expenses such as compensation.

That’s why it’s vital to hire a security guard service to secure your business, organization, and home 24/7. Security guard services not only deter criminals and theft, but they also give you the peace of mind knowing you’re safe.

What we offer

At The Guard Alliance Inc, we provide top-notch security and fire-watch services for commercial and residential clients in the Portland area. Our goal is to meet your security needs and identify any potential dangers on-site while providing quick and viable solutions within no time. All you have to do is give us a call.

As the leading security provider in the Portland area, you can trust us to secure your property and prevent crime. Our security guards have the experience and skills required to meet any contingency, ensuring you’re in safe hands at all times.

Some of the services we provide include:

• Fire-watch guards
• Unarmed guards
• Armed guards

Fire-watch service

It’s no secret that homes and businesses in the Portland area are susceptible to fire hazards. While automatic fire prevention systems such as fire sprinklers and alarm systems can prevent fires, they can easily become inoperable or fail.

Unfortunately, this may lead to dangerous situations that threaten the lives of your employees. With our fire-watch guards, you can add an extra layer of security to your business and home premise, ensuring the safety of your employees and equipment.

We offer fire-watch services to numerous industries, including medical, industrial, construction, schools, and residential neighborhoods.

Unarmed guard service

Finding a reliable security service in the Portland area can be challenging. That’s where we come in. We don’t compromise on quality to ensure you get the best value for money. Our unarmed security guards undergo a rigorous selection process that involves drug tests, reference checks, background checks, and multiple interviews. They also go through certified processes to become licensed security guards.

We also have extensive training programs that upgrade and update the skills and competencies of our unarmed security personnel to guarantee your safety and protection.

Armed security services

If you want well-trained security personnel with experience in defensive techniques, call us today for armed security guards. Our armed security guards deter theft, vandalism, and trespassers while keeping a close eye for potential threats.

Although they carry firearms, should you require them, their presence is quiet and confident, and they showcase a positive attitude so that your staff don’t work in fear. Our armed security services protect an extensive range of establishments, including hospitals, homes, schools, and commercial properties.

Need security guard services?

We are a top-rated security provider in the Portland area, and you can trust us to meet your security needs anytime. Call The Guard Alliance Inc today to hire security guard services or request a free quote.



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