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Most of us feel safe with security guards. We often see them in public areas such as shopping malls, banks, or schools. So, why don’t people hire them to guard their homes and businesses? The answer is simple – many individuals assume security guard services are reserved for high-risk areas, valuable business, and important people (celebrities).

Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to an attack, whether you own a small business, large business, or are a famous person. Thieves and burglars can target anyone as long as they believe you have something worth stealing.

That’s why it’s advisable to hire a security guard service for your home, apartment, office building, or retail store. Having a security guard acts as a deterrent to crime as criminals rarely invade premises with armed guards.

Additionally, a reliable security guard service such as The Guard Alliance Ins can prevent crime and maintain security within your home or business premises.


What we provide

The Guard Alliance Inc is a top-rated security guard firm in the Phoenix Area. We provide an array of security services to residential and commercial clients in various industries, including:

• Banks

• Retail stores

• Schools

• Apartments

• Construction sites

• Warehouses

• Events

• Office buildings

Whether you need retail guards, construction site guards, or unarmed guards, we’re your best shot at securing your property and safeguarding your employees or loved ones. Our security guards have experience in analyzing and handling numerous security threats, ranging from big to small.

This gives you peace of mind knowing you’re getting quality and unmatched security guard services from a trusted firm in the Philadelphia area. Some of the security guard services we provide include:

1. Unarmed guards

The presence of our unarmed guards brings business owners and homeowners in Phoenix a sense of security. They add an extra layer of protection and prevent crime by monitoring security systems and patrolling your premises for unusual activity.

If you run a high-value business, our unarmed guards can deter crime as criminals think twice before targeting an establishment with guards. Besides, our unarmed guards wear clothing that resembles police uniform from afar, which prevents criminals from targeting your premises.

Alternatively, if you own an office building and want to control access, our unarmed guards can help. They ensure only authorized people gain access to your place of business while securing highly confidential areas of your office building.

Additionally, we closely monitor employee IDs and only provide access to those with valid identification. This prevents criminals with fake IDs from accessing your business premises. Our goal is to provide quality access control by ensuring employees and visitors undergo proper security checks.

Our unarmed security guards are highly trained to handle any situation, making their services invaluable. We can protect not only your valuables but also your employees and clients. Our unarmed guards are a great option for businesses or homeowners that want security guard services that are subtle and don’t stand out.

2. Armed guards

At times, businesses and homeowners need a higher sense of security to protect their premises and maintain a safe and secure environment. Here’s where our armed guards come in. Armed security guards heighten the sense of security at your premises, especially if you’re dealing with high-end equipment or have valuables.

Our armed guards are trained and licensed to carry firearms, and they know how to draw and use their weapons. So, you don’t have to worry about your loved ones, employees, or clients being in harm’s way. Besides, most of our armed guards are ex-military personnel that have used firearms for years.

With such a background and our additional, ongoing training programs, you can be confident in them guarding your business.

As a top-rated security guard service in Phoenix, we value your safety. That’s why our armed guards don’t misuse their firearms and only draw them when necessary.

If there’s an ongoing crime on your property, you can trust our armed guards to handle the situation with professionalism. They can detain any suspects until the local authorities arrive and provide a detailed report of the events.

We understand that it’s difficult to entrust an individual with firearms on your property. But, remember, our armed guards go through a stringent selection process and numerous background checks to ensure they’re in a proper state of mind to handle weaponry.

3. Fire watch services

A successful business in Phoenix always relies on the efficiency and reliability of operating processes to complete tasks and meet its bottom line. Unfortunately, accidental fires can significantly hamper this efficiency, disrupting operations and hindering productivity.

Fires can not only wipe out property but also harm employees and destroy a company. Since most businesses, especially construction sites, are susceptible to accidental fires, it’s wise to have a fire prevention system in place. This begins with hiring our fire watch guards.

Our fire watch guards can be beneficial to your business in four ways:

• Maintain fire suppression equipment

• Identify potential fire hazards

• Secure your business premises from possible fire outbreaks

• Keep a thorough record of daily events

Our fire watch guards are available 24/7 and can quickly respond to emergencies such as an accidental fire. They keep close contact between you and the local fire department. This way, if things go wrong, we can provide effective solutions to control the situation.

When you hire our fire watch services, expect our security guards to follow the best practices and state laws to secure your business environment. We’ll ensure your fire detection systems and sprinklers are fully operational by inspecting and authorizing them.

As a reliable fire watch service company in Phoenix, we also provide fire watch services to residential clients. From apartments to homes, we can keep a close eye on your property and identify potential fire hazards.

Remember, fires are a real threat, and they should be taken care of by well-trained and experienced professionals like us.


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