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Business owners and homeowners have to deal with the reality that theft and other crimes can occur on their premises. For homeowners in Orlando, invasions and break-ins are a common threat and can risk the lives of family members and cause property damage.

Alternatively, for business owners in Orlando, burglary and robbery result in significant losses, affecting the growth, success, and continuity of businesses. However, having security measures in place deters these crimes, allowing businesses and homes to create a safe living and working environment for their loved ones, employees, and clients.

Unfortunately, not all security measures and procedures are effective in preventing crime and ensuring safety. For instance, security systems such as CCTVs often fail or malfunction, compromising the safety of your facility. Additionally, they can have blind spots that vandals and thieves can use to get away with a crime.

Therefore, business owners and homeowners need to use security measures they can rely on 24/7. That’s where The Guard Alliance Inc comes in. Started ten years ago, The Guard Alliance Inc provides unmatched and top-quality security services to residential and commercial clients in Orlando.

Our security services ensure the safety and security of your facility by deterring criminals and managing access control. As one of the best security guard companies in Orlando, homeowners and business owners depend on us to create a safe environment and a higher sense of security.


What we provide

The Guard Alliance Inc offers a wide range of security services and private security guards in Orlando to fit our client’s unique needs. Here are some of the security services we provide:

  • Private security
  • Unarmed guards
  • Armed guards
  • Fire watch guards

Regardless of the types of security services you need, you can be assured that our security personnel have the training and experience required to secure your property. All our security guards go through a stringent selection process involving background checks and drug tests to ensure you get the best security guards for your security solutions.

We also have training programs that upgrade and update the skills of our security personnel, improving their competency. So, with The Guard Alliance Inc, you’re getting value for your money. Our security guard approach is simple – we tailor and customize services to meet our client’s needs while providing expertly-trained guards and the highest quality service in Orlando.

We reinforce this proactive approach to security by using the latest advanced technologies to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.


Industries we serve

The Guard Alliance Inc has a solid reputation for serving a wide range of industries from retail to office buildings and apartments. If you’re in any of the following industries, here’s how we can help:

1. Retail

One of the biggest threats that retail stores in Orlando face are shoplifting and robbery. These security issues result in significant losses each year that forces some businesses to close shop. But the good news is The Guard Alliance Inc can help. With our retail guards, we can prevent shoplifting and deter any crime that causes huge losses for your retail store.

Our retail guards patrol and monitor your entire store identifying suspects and ensuring customers find products easily, improving your customer services. Hence, our retail guards are your best shot at guaranteeing your retail store’s safety.

2. Banks and financial institutions

Since banks handle huge sums of money daily, they’re commonly targeted by vandals and robbers. That’s why many banks hire armed guards because they can handle emergencies and respond to situations before they escalate.

Our armed guards are trained and licensed to carry and handle firearms and know how to draw them. So, you don’t have to worry about your clients and employees getting in harm’s way.

3. Schools

At The Guard Alliance Inc, we understand that students, teachers, parents, and staff need to feel safe within the school premises. That’s why our unarmed guards and armed guards set up patrol stations in different parts of your school facility to monitor and assess unusual activity.

We also control access by ensuring only students, staff members, and teachers with verification access the school premises. This minimizes the chances of unlawful and forced entry, creating a safe environment for learning.

4. Events

Every year, thousands of events take place in Orlando. They may be large or small, but regardless of the size, event security is a must. Large crowds can easily get out of hand, resulting in stampedes or violence, risking the lives of your employees, guests, and visitors.

Some event organizers cut corners when it comes to setting up their event security to save money. Unfortunately, limiting security personnel at your Orlando event only increases insecurity and the risk of injuries.

It’s wise to prioritize your event’s security by hiring professional security guards who can pin-point threats or risks in advance and control access.

5. Apartments and buildings

Are your tenants in Orlando always complaining about your building’s security? If so, it’s time to hire our security personnel. Since apartments use one entry point that thousands of tenants access, it’s easier for thieves to break in and steal valuables.

Fortunately, by having security guards manning your front desk, you can control access by ensuring only individuals with valid identification can enter the building. Our security guards keep an eye out for unusual activity and ensure your tenants and visitors feel safe and secure at the comfort of their homes.

We also recommend getting our security guard service if you live in a residential community. Such facilities are hotbeds for robberies and invasions due to the high frequency of visitors coming and going. For instance, a criminal can easily walk out with valuables like a visitor without anyone noticing.


Need security in Orlando?

You can’t afford to take your residential or commercial security for granted when burglaries, theft, and robberies occur each day in Orlando. The best way to guarantee your safety and security is by hiring our armed guards, unarmed guards, and fire watch guards.

Contact us today for all your security needs, and our team will help you book an appointment.



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