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When people think of security services, they think of celebrities, politicians, and wealthy individuals. However, gone are the days when security was reserved for the elite. These days, almost anyone can be a target for theft, burglary, and vandalism.

Criminals no longer target rich people to steal valuables and jewelry. You can easily get mugged when walking down the street in your home town. Therefore, the need for a security guard service is now more critical than ever.

Business owners and homeowners are taking a proactive approach to security by putting in place comprehensive security measures such as alarm systems and monitors. Unfortunately, these aren’t enough to protect and secure your property. They can easily malfunction or fail, and some criminals know how to bypass them.

So, hiring a security guard service is your best bet at maintaining security and protecting your loved ones or employees. Unlike security systems, security guards can alter their routine, making it difficult for criminals to know exactly where they are on your property.


The Guard Alliance Inc for your security

If you’re thinking about hiring a security guard service for your home or business, The Guard Alliance Inc is a wise choice. We have extensive experience securing properties, protecting individuals and companies, and monitoring and patrolling premises for unusual activity.

As one of the best security guard firms in Denver, our residential and commercial clients trust us to provide unmatched and effective security services that meet their needs and specifications. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and that’s why we always listen to our clients and address their concerns.


What we provide

As a leading security guard company in Denver, we provide an array of security guard services, including:

• Fire watch guards

• Private security

• Armed guards

• Unarmed guards

When you choose us, you get to enjoy working with a security guard company with the following qualities:

1. Employs trained security guards

We hire security guards that are well trained and experienced in defense techniques, patrol techniques, and anti-terrorism. Our security guards also go through an ongoing training program that works to update their competencies and skills.

Whether it’s threat awareness, crisis management, or customer service, you can rely on our armed guards or unarmed guards to maintain your property’s security. Additionally, all our security personnel go through a stringent selection process. So, we only hire the best.

2. Has crisis experts

Our security guards act as a deterrent to theft, vandalism, burglary, and other criminal activities. But, whenever the situation demands, they can handle the emergency while ensuring everyone’s safety. For example, if there’s an accidental fire, our fire watch guards can follow the best practices and state laws to put it out, and they stay onsite until safety is confirmed.

They also keep close contact between you and the local fire department, ensuring they can provide comprehensive solutions during emergencies. Alternatively, if there’s an ongoing robbery on your business premises, our armed guards can detain the suspects while waiting for local authorities to arrive. Our armed guards know how to draw their weapons so, you don’t have to worry about other people getting in harm’s way when something goes wrong.

3. Acts with professionalism

Our security personnel wear crisp and clean uniforms and maintain a well-groomed personal appearance. Additionally, they stick to a strict code of conduct as a testimonial to their professional commitment to protecting your loved ones and property.

Our goal is to ensure the comfort of your employees and clients by acting with professionalism and preparedness.


Why hire security guard services

You may forgo hiring a security guard service for your home or business to save money. However, the benefits of utilizing the services of professional security guards far outweigh the initial costs. Some of these benefits include:

1. Prevent crime

It’s no secret that security personnel provide a physical deterrent for crime. Normally, criminals think twice before invading a place with armed guards or unarmed guards. Alternatively, shoplifting is minimized in stores with retail guards.

Therefore, security guards play an essential role in dramatically reducing the crime rate in your business, home, apartment, building, or construction site.

2. Add a sense of heightened security

Security guards add an extra layer of security and their presence provides individuals with access to immediate action in case there’s an invasion, giving you peace of mind. With security, employees feel safer in the workplace, improving their concentration and productivity.

Security guards maintain balance and cultivate situational awareness, so you don’t have to worry about suspicious activity going unnoticed.

3. Improve customer service

Customer service and security guard services go hand in hand in many ways. For instance, if you have a security guard operating at your front desk, they can welcome and usher in visitors or clients while providing them with directions.

Additionally, retail guards can help customers in your store find products when they’re having a hard time locating them. Hence, security personnel can help your business in Denver improve its customer service, building its brand reputation.

3. Provide quick response time

Typically, security guards are available 24/7,and they monitor and patrol your property for unusual criminal activity. This way, they can respond quickly to emergencies, gaining control of the situation before it escalates.

Remember, every second counts during an incident response. Fortunately, having an armed guard or unarmed guard patrol your premises ensures you can immediately discover and resolve an issue.

5. Create a safe business environment

For businesses in Denver, creating a safe work environment is vital to guaranteeing performance and productivity. The mere presence of private security assures your staff they’re free from harm, allowing them to relax and work better.

Whether you’re in the office, retail, construction, event, warehouse, or manufacturing industry, it’s advisable to hire security guards to maintain a safe business environment.


Need security guard services in Denver?

At the Guard Alliance Inc, we handle unpleasant situations, so you don’t have to. All you have to is give us a call to book your appointment. We’re committed to ensuring your safety and that of others.



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