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If you’re a business owner, you probably know how challenging managing a business can be. From trying to find the right clients to work with to weaving through your financial struggles, every aspect needs to run seamlessly and efficiently to guarantee the growth of your company. Although these things are undoubtedly vital to your business, most entrepreneurs forget the most crucial element for stress-free operations – security.

The importance of safety and security for businesses in various industries cannot be overstated. Invasions, burglary, robbery, and theft can result in significant losses, affecting your company’s growth and success. Such threats take away a vast amount of your resources in an attempt to recoup the losses. Additionally, criminal activities can leave your employees and clients feeling vulnerable and unsafe, forcing them to quit or take their business elsewhere.

Luckily, by incorporating a security guard service for your business or home in Charlotte, you can prevent and deter crime. Security guard companies aim to safeguard your assets at all times and prevent unauthorized access or forced entry.

They also monitor your surveillance systems and ensure everything is well-maintained and in working condition.


The Guard Alliance Inc for your security solutions

Suppose you’re looking for reliable security guard companies in Charlotte. In that case, you might want to try The Guard Alliance Inc. We’re a tested and trusted security guard service offering security solutions to the greater Charlotte area.

We’re committed to providing our clients with unmatched and top-quality security services to meet their needs and expectations. From residential to commercial clients, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction by providing personalized services using advanced security technologies.

Business owners and homeowners in Charlotte can trust us to guard their infrastructure, property, valuables, and employees 24/7. We’re fully equipped with patrol vehicles and tools required to ensure all our responsibilities are carried out effectively and quickly, creating a safe environment.


Our services

The Guard Alliance Inc has extensive experience in security services, giving us a wide knowledge base of security threats and how to handle emergencies. As one of Charlotte’s best security guard companies, we provide an array of security services to ensure our residential and commercial clients find what they’re looking for. Some of our security guard services include:

Armed guards: Since our armed guards are trained to handle and carry firearms, you can entrust them with weaponry on your property without having to worry about your loved ones or employees getting in harm’s way.

Unarmed guards: Although our unarmed guards don’t carry weaponry, they’re well trained in defense and patrol techniques. Therefore, you can rely on them to secure and protect your facility throughout the day as you carry on with other operations.

Fire watch guards: Any business or home is susceptible to accidental fires, and that’s why you need a fire watch service to safeguard your property against fires. Our fire watch guards monitor and analyze your fire prevention systems to ensure they’re in good working condition. They also control and fight fires before local authorities arrive, preventing further property damage or injury.

Private security: With our private security, you can set up patrol stations on your facility to monitor suspicious activity.

If your business is located in a high-crime area in Charlotte or you store valuables at home, you can count on The Guard Alliance Inc to secure your premises.


Industries commonly served by security guards

Generally, our security guards facilitate situations where industries need security control. Their mere presence brings a higher sense of security and acts as a deterrent to theft and crime. Here are some examples of industries that benefit from our security guard services.

1. Construction

The construction industry uses a lot of valuable equipment and expensive machinery that’s usually stored on-site until project completion. Unfortunately, criminals take advantage of this, targeting these sites for their costly items.

Fortunately, with our construction site guards, you can protect your machinery and equipment. They monitor and guard your equipment 24/7, preventing unauthorized access and forced entry. Additionally, our armed guards and unarmed guards make sure everyone adheres to safety protocols while preventing accidental fires.

2. Events

Whether it’s a private, corporate, or business event, having security guards at your event is valuable. It’s no secret that large events can become chaotic, especially if there’s alcohol involved. Without proper security, crowds can get unruly, leading to violence, property damage, and injuries.

Luckily, our security guards can control crowds and curb violence before it escalates. They can also monitor everyone who comes in by managing your guest list, ensuring only the required people have access to your event.

3. Industrial businesses

Industrial and manufacturing facilities house valuable and expensive materials that criminals commonly target. This increases the need for security guards to protect these items by deterring crime. Our security guards set up safety protocols that create a safe environment for everyone. They also enable personal verification and keep track of capital and inventory.

4. Banks

Since banks and other financial institutions handle large sums of money daily, they’re vulnerable to theft and robbery. Our security guards have training in anti-terrorism and defense techniques and can protect your bank and financial interest. In case of a robbery, they can handle the suspects and detain them while waiting for the local authorities to arrive.

This gives you peace of mind knowing your employees, money, and valuables are safe and secure throughout the day.

5. Retail store

Every year, $13 billion of merchandise gets shoplifted from retail stores globally, and in Charlotte, the situation is no different. The lost revenue is one of the highest negative costs to a retailer, but with on-site security, you can deter shoplifters and enforce rules.

6. Schools

Schools in Charlotte are a hotbed for crime, invasions, and shootouts, making security vital to protect students, teachers, and staff. Our security guards monitor access control and ensure no one accesses the school facility with weaponry or a firearm.


Need security services in Charlotte?

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Our Services

Unarmed Guards Service

We are staffed with licensed, well selected and highly trained unarmed security guards dedicated to their communities.

Armed Guards Service

Becoming an armed security guard in California is no small matter. We assign only the most professional guards.

Fire Watch Service

We provide commercial and residential properties with well trained personnel that understand all procedures.

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