Boston Unarmed Guard Services

Unarmed Security Services in Boston, Massachusetts

When owning a commercial, residential or construction site in Boston, keeping your property secure is a major concern. One of the best ways to keep your premises safe is by hiring qualified unarmed security guards. At The Guard Alliance, we are proud to be a leading choice among the top Boston unarmed security guard companies and will go above and beyond to keep your property safe. Please request a quote to learn more about our unarmed security services!



What Makes The Guard Alliance One of the Top Unarmed Security Companies in Boston?

The Guard Alliance is proud to be a go-to security source for properties in the Boston area. Our team consists of former security guards, military personnel and law enforcement, so you can feel confident we will bring extensive experience and skills to every job. Some additional benefits of choosing our unarmed security guard services in Boston include:

  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured service: To provide maximum protection, our insurance policy exceeds minimum limits, with every guard covered by $1 million in workers’ compensation coverage. Clients can also choose additional policy coverages for specialized security jobs.
  • GPS-monitored activities: Our guards are under GPS monitoring to track their actions and ensure they are safe and performing the correct procedures. We will compile this information into a daily report we automatically email to you, so you’ll be in the loop about all activities occurring on your property.
  • A 24-hour dispatch center: Since our dispatch center is open 24/7, clients can communicate last-minute changes to our team to handle emergencies. We also use our dispatch center to maintain our guards’ safety and offer prompt responses to incidents.
  • No long-term contracts: We understand your security needs may change, so we offer a flexible schedule without a long-term commitment. Clients can make changes at any time to ensure we continue meeting their security needs.

How Our Boston Unarmed Security Company Can Benefit Your Property

As a company, we strive to earn our clients’ trust by offering unmatched unarmed security services. Some of the many benefits our services provide include:

  • Peace of mind: Our security team undergoes extensive training to handle security threats and emergencies rationally and efficiently so you can feel confident your property is safe.
  • Affordability: Unarmed security is an excellent choice if you have a limited budget, as you will not have to pay additional fees for weapons maintenance.
  • Positive image: Employing unarmed guards can help create a positive image, as they can facilitate a relaxed and safe atmosphere for your business or property.
  • Visible crime deterrent: While unarmed guards do not carry weapons, having a visible security presence on your property can deter potential crime.

Learn More About Our Security Solutions!

Keeping your property in Boston safe is easy when you partner with The Guard Alliance. With our expert security team and options to personalize the level of protection you receive, it’s clear why we are a go-to choice for many properties. Please request a quote to learn how our services can benefit your property today!


Armed Guards

Becoming an armed security guard in Boston, Massachusetts is no small matter. We assign only the most professional guards.


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Onsite Guard With Patrol Vehicle

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