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What Is The Difference Between Safety And Security?

What is the Difference Between Safety and Security?

Try asking this question, and you’re guaranteed to get a few puzzled looks:

“What is the difference between safety and security?”

For most people, these two words basically mean the same thing and are even used interchangeably in everyday conversation.

The truth is that there’s a subtle but important distinction between safety & security. One describes just a single aspect of feeling protected, while another is a more holistic approach that deals with your overall well-being.

This article will talk about safety vs. security and why it’s so important to know the difference.

What is Safety?


Safety refers to the overall feeling that one is free from harm and threats. Note that we used the word “feeling” because safety is a matter of belief and perception.

Many factors contribute to this belief, and the physical aspect is just a tiny part of it. To feel genuinely safe, one must also feel fully protected from emotional and mental harm.

Take a child, for example. A fundamental part of making a child physically safe is to give them a roof over the head to protect them from harsh weather. You’d also want them to live in a nice neighborhood free from criminals who might exploit them.

However, a child will not feel truly safe if you don’t address their mental and emotional wellbeing. Just imagine a child living in a physically safe home but with abusive or neglectful parents. They might be free from outside threats, but their immediate environment is negatively impacting their wellbeing.

Achieving safety is an intentional act. It requires us to put up specific measures, strategies, and safeguards to keep us away from threats and harm. This is where security comes in.

What is Security?


You can think of security as the concrete, specific steps you take to ensure your safety.

For example, how do you keep your home safe?

You might employ security measures such as a sturdy door, multiple locks, a house alarm system, or a guard dog to protect you from burglars. If fire is your concern, smoke detectors or fire extinguishers are crucial.

It’s important to note that security can only address intended and known threats. Therefore, you need to be aware of these factors that pose a threat to your safety – otherwise, you can’t protect yourself from them.

If you don’t know or believe that your neighborhood has a high crime rate in the above example, you probably won’t put stringent home security systems in place.

Safety vs. Security: How Do They Differ?


With the safety and security definition out of the way, let’s examine their differences. But first, let’s briefly look at how they are related.

Generally speaking, security is the set of methods and strategies you use to achieve your safety goals. These goals are the things that are important for your overall well-being: a home safe from burglars, fires, and so on.

In other words, safety is the strategy, while security is the tactic.

Safety also deals with your internal state – peace of mind, comfort, satisfaction, and other positive emotions. Security is concerned with your external state, such as protection from criminals, fire, and natural disasters.

On an unrelated note, the distinction between safety vs. security also involves coverage.

Security tends to deal with a larger area. You’ll often hear governments refer to the need for national security to protect the country against international threats. Safety, conversely, is often used at a smaller, more internal scope, such as home and company safety or public safety.

Regardless of how you define them, the big takeaway is that you need to take care of safety and security. And it would be best if you approach them proactively.

Consider the typical mall security. Guards often stand over their post, check those who enter and don’t do much of anything else. Only when something does happen do they spring into action. They are in reactive mode.

In contrast, consider how security is handled at the airport.

Personnel thoroughly check every inch of you and your luggage to look for threats, both known and unknown, before you step on the plane. Their goal is to be preventive and not wait for something terrible to happen before taking action. This is a proactive approach.

Being proactive is vital to achieving the highest levels of safety and security, which is what The Guard Alliance offers.

How Does The Guard Alliance Ensure Safety and Security?


  • Access Control and Threat Assessment

Having a proactive security approach starts with threat assessment. The goal is to identify potential dangers before they pose serious harm to you, your property, or your business. Prevention is undoubtedly better than cure, and it’s the same with security.


If criminals don’t think they’ll succeed in breaking into your property, they probably won’t do it. If you take precautions to avoid fires in the workplace, there’s less chance of one occurring.


To achieve this objective, the Guard Alliance gets to know your security/safety requirements to develop a customized plan that works perfectly for you. We offer free consultations and conduct a tour of your facility. We comply with state laws and regulations to determine the exact strategies you need for maximum prevention.


This assessment step is critical to our fire watch service. Most causes of fires are preventable, such as faulty wiring or a malfunctioning sprinkler system.


That’s why we’ll check all of your fire prevention systems and ensure everything is working and updated. Our experts can also give recommendations on how to improve your fire safety if needed.


By knowing the nature of your facility and the possible threats you face, we’ll know the exact strategies to place. Only then will our guards and security personnel be 10x more effective in protecting what matters to you.


  • Unarmed Guards

Our unarmed guards are great deterrents in places where carrying a firearm is either discouraged or not allowed, such as schools.


Even without a weapon, all of our unarmed guards are highly-trained professionals that will keep you safe at all times. They’re equipped with practical tools like flashlights, a walkie-talkie, a logbook, and a time clock.


We only hire qualified and highly competent unarmed guards to protect your property. Plus, our hiring process is one of the strictest in the industry. We conduct rigorous background checks, FBI clearance, reference checks, drug testing, and multiple rounds of interviews.


Once hired, our unarmed guards also undergo internal training to make them ready for duty. We ensure that their senses and instincts are at their best so they can respond to threats and protect you effectively. They also have to clear the California BSIS Power to Arrest course to ensure they follow laws and regulations when carrying out their duties.


Despite the nature of their job, our unarmed guards are some of the most courteous and professional people you’ll ever meet. They are presentable and well-groomed, with pressed uniforms and shined shoes. We guarantee that they’ll reflect your business’s professionalism and warm nature as if they were your employees.


  • Armed Guards

Our licensed armed guards provide elevated security measures for critical situations. Proficient in patrol techniques, self-defense, and anti-terrorism, they are some of the most in-demand security personnel in the industry.


Armed guards must give you a sense of safety in every way possible. That’s why our guards undergo a rigorous hiring process that includes background checks and clearance with the FBI, DOJ, and local law agencies. We only employ armed guards that pass the highest standards on competence, mental wellbeing, responsible firearm use, and professionalism.


We require all of our armed personnel to pass the California Power to Arrest course to ensure they always follow protocol when dealing with incidents or making an arrest. They also undergo a string of physical and mental training to keep them in peak shape.


All of our safety personnel are also insured up to $1 million per occurrence of damage or bodily harm to give you peace of mind.


  • Security Patrol

Our roving patrol service is effective for round-the-clock preventive monitoring that helps deter criminals and fires before they become a threat. They will continually patrol critical areas of your facility based on our initial assessment and recommendations from the local fire department.


Patrol teams are composed of professional security personnel and drivers that are available 24/7 to respond to anything, whether it’s an alarm tripping or the presence of potential trespassers. They are also fully equipped with all the tools needed to deal with any situation. This includes emergency aid kits, GPS tracking, and audio/recording equipment.


Our security patrol crews also undergo the same hiring and training standards as our other personnel. They are a vital part of your threat prevention efforts to help keep your premises safer and more secure.

Choose The Guard Alliance


When you want to stay safe, and security is of utmost importance to you, choose The Guard Alliance. No matter where you are in the safety/security discussion, The Guard Alliance’s professional and unmatched security guard services will take the guesswork out of the process. Contact us today, and get the peace of mind you deserve for your home, business, or event.

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