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Safety is an essential aspect of everyday life, including for enterprises and businesses. The presence of a quality security guard service is key to maintaining this safety. Not only do security guard services secure your property and valuables, but they also deter criminals. In Oakland, hiring a security guard service for your property or a fire-watch service for your building ensures you avoid unwanted surprises, such as thefts or fires. It also gives you the peace of mind that your premise is safe and secure from threats in your environment.

Our services

At The Guard Alliance Inc, we provide an array of security services, including a fire-watch service, unarmed guard service, and armed guard service. Our security and fire-watch teams are professional and well-trained, providing you with the safety you need. All our staff go through an extensive drug screening and background check process to ensure we hire the best. We use a variety of devices, from GPS tracking, mapping to high-end vehicles for patrol services, ensuring maximum security for you and your employees.

If you run a business, hiring an unarmed or armed security guard service is your best bet at preventing or responding to crime . Normally, you’ll have to call and wait for the police, which can take time and cause more damages. Our armed security guards are licensed to carry firearms, and they can respond quickly to crimes, securing your business premise within no time.

If you’re looking for a more discrete alternative, call us for unarmed security services. Our unarmed security guards keep a close eye on your property while protecting it from any potential danger. They also ensure your building’s security isn’t compromised and deliver positive vibes around your business. This ensures your employees don’t work in fear, and it doesn’t scare away your clients.

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