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Businesses in the Minneapolis area are susceptible to several security concerns such as assaults, internal disputes, theft, and vandalism. These security threats risk the lives of your employees and clients while threatening physical damage to property and equipment.

Hence, you can’t afford to run your business without hiring a security guard service. Regardless of the size and type of your business, a security guard service can protect and secure your premises, ensuring the safety of everyone. Security guards maintain security and act as a deterrent to theft.

On the other hand, residential properties such as apartments and homes are vulnerable to security threats such as robbery and burglary. These threats not only risk the lives of your loved ones but also result in significant losses, especially if you own valuables.

Luckily, with security guard services, you can protect your family and valuables while ensuring safety on your property. This allows everyone to unwind and relax after a long day, knowing they have someone to monitor the premises and handle any emergency.


What to consider when hiring a security guard company

Now that you know the importance of hiring security guards, it’s time to find a professional and experienced security company. When selecting a security guard service, there are four things to keep in mind:

  • Go local – A local company such as The Guard Alliance Inc that serves the entire Minneapolis area can help you better and with more personalized attention than an international one.
  • Ensure they only provide security services – This shows they’re experts in the field and can provide individualized attention.
  • Look at experience – Generally, the more experience a company has, the better they are at addressing your security needs. The Guard Alliance Inc has ten years of experience, making it a viable choice for your security solutions.
  • Look at customer service – A security guide service that prides itself on customer satisfaction is your best bet at securing and safeguarding your home or business premises. The Guard Alliance Inc always acts in the best interest of its clients. That’s why business owners and homeowners in Minneapolis trust our security guards to cater to their needs.

If you’re looking for a security guard service in Minneapolis, you might want to consider The Guard Alliance Inc. As a top-rated security guard firm, we provide quality security guards and fire watch services to commercial and residential clients.

Our goal is to secure and protect your property, equipment, infrastructure, staff, and loved ones, giving you peace of mind. Whether you need an armed guard to patrol your home premises or a fire watch guard for your construction site, we’re your best shot at safeguarding your property.


What we provide

The Guard Alliance Inc provides an array of security guard services to ensure you get what you need to maintain the safety and security of your environment. Some of our security services include:

1. Unarmed guards

Our unarmed guards are beneficial to businesses and homeowners that face low-security threats. Their mere presence deters criminals, enhancing order and safety. We understand that the appearance of firearms can be unsettling to some people. That’s why we offer trained unarmed guards to patrol and monitor your premises without scaring away your visitors or clients.

Our unarmed guards are highly trained in anti-terrorism and defense techniques and offer immediate response during emergencies. For example, if there’s an ongoing strike, our unarmed guards can control the crowds and prevent injuries to employees.

You can trust our unarmed guards to handle the following:

  • Traffic control
  • General surveillance
  • Corporate security settings
  • Entry access
  • Retail loss prevention

Our unarmed guards are also trained in customer service. So, they can direct customers or answer their questions, increasing your brand’s reputation.

2. Armed guards

If your business or property faces high-security threats and is a common target for criminals, you might want to consider hiring our armed guards. Our armed guards ensure your employees or loved ones feel safer by monitoring your business premises and setting up patrol in different areas.

If there’s a crime, our armed guards can stop it by hunting down and detaining the suspects before they cause more damage or injuries. Also, the presence of an armed guard with weaponry deters criminals – they’re more likely to think twice before invading your premises.

Our armed guards act as a first line of defense for your business or home during emergencies. They work tirelessly to resolve any issues or suspicious activities, maintaining a safe home and work environment. We recommend hiring our armed guards if you handle substantial financial transactions, e.g., banks, shopping malls, or schools.

3. Fire watch services

Our fire watch guards comprise of retired or off-duty fire fighters with experience in fighting and controlling fires. With our fire watch services, you’ll have someone to monitor your premises, identifying any potential fire hazards.

When you hire our fire watch guards, expect the following:

  • Basic fire watch, operational, and property, surveillance systems
  • Detailed and accurate maintenance patrol logs
  • Compliance with the local fire marshal and codes
  • Fire watch guards and patrol services 24/7

Our fire watch guards test all your fire prevention systems, including your fire extinguishers, alarms, and monitoring systems, to ensure everything works properly. They also advise on fire emergency response plans and positioning.

You can rely on our fire watch guards to handle any fire emergency by providing comprehensive and effective solutions. We recommend hiring our fire watch guards if you’re in the construction, manufacturing, or warehouse industries. Schools, apartments, and office buildings can also benefit from fire watch services.


The Guard Alliance Inc difference

All our armed guards, unarmed guards, and fire watch guards go through a stringent selection process involving drug tests, interviews, and background checks to guarantee your safety and protection. We also have extensive training programs that update and upgrade their competencies and skills, ensuring our security personnel can continually address your security issues.

We’re a trusted security guard firm in Minneapolis, handling a wide range of security threats. Get in touch with us today to hire your security guard.



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