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It’s no secret that Miami has one of the highest crime rates in America when compared to other states. As a resident, the chances of being the victim of a violent or property crime are high. However, this doesn’t mean you should live in constant fear for your life.

With the help of a security guard service, you, your family, clients, or employees can get the protection they deserve. Additionally, security guards can secure your property by monitoring the premises and deterring crime.

Here’s where The Guard Alliance Inc comes in.As a top-rated security guard company in the Miami area, we provide quality security services to residential and commercial clients. Part of our security guard’s job is to offer patrolling services to property owners and ensure a safe environment, preventing violence.


Our services

The Guard Alliance Inc has the right combination of expertise, experience, and commitment to deliver the best security services in Miami.

We provide an array of security guard services, including:

• Armed guards

• Unarmed guards

• Fire watch services

• Roving patrol

Our security guards work tirelessly to maintain a secure and safe environment for your employees, assets, and clients by regularly monitoring your premises. You can trust us to secure your property, prevent unauthorized entry, and deter theft. When you hire us, you get to enjoy:

1. Proper inspection

Our armed guards and unarmed guards patrol your home, retail store, or business premises to secure it while taking note of any suspicions. We also guard access points and check your surveillance equipment, ensuring all protocols are in place. Hence, you can rely on our security guards to properly inspect your commercial and residential property in Miami, guaranteeing your safety.

2. Immediate help

At times, security systems such as wireless monitors and alarms can fail. And, if you don’t have a backup security plan in place, your retail store or business can suffer significant losses if there’s a break-in or fire outbreak.

Luckily, our retail guards and fire watch guards are available 24/7, and they can respond quickly when emergencies arise. They get to your property immediately and prevent fires or further crime, securing your premises within no time.

Our fire watch guards also keep close contact with you and the local fire department so that they can provide effective solutions in case of any security threats.

3. Detailed reports

Since our armed guards and unarmed guards monitor and patrol your business premises, they prevent damages and loss. For instance, if we notice any irregularities, we’re able to report them. Additionally, our fire watch guards understand state and fire marshal procedures and deliver detailed reports for future references.

In Dallas, our clients trust us to restrain any trespassers and inform violators of the security procedures and policies in your property.

4. Maintain safety and security

The Guard Alliance Inc prides itself on maintaining safety and security in your business or home area. Whether you need a security guard service for your home, school, office building, construction site, or retail store, we’re your best choice.

We not only ensure the safety of your valuables and assets but also guarantee the security of your employees, clients, and visitors.

5.Maintain your business’s reputation

Most clients trust businesses that have reliable security systems and protocols. Therefore, the best way to gain the trust of your prospects and employees is by hiring our security guards. You can opt for armed guards if you want extra protection or operate a high-value business.

Alternatively, if you’re worried our armed guards can scare away your clients, unarmed guards are a great option. They protect your premises without getting in the way of business operations or causing distractions.


The Guard Alliance Inc difference

Many people find the process of finding a reliable security guard service stressful and difficult. And, with such a wide range of security guard companies to choose from, selecting one for your business or home can be overwhelming.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about finding a security guard service in Miami, as The Guard Alliance Inc is happy to help. What sets us apart from other security guard companies is that we customize our services to meet the security needs of your property. Whether you need construction site guards or retail guards, we can meet your expectations without compromising quality.

We also aim to provide unmatched and professional security guards in Miami and use well-maintained patrol vehicles and sophisticated video and recording systems to monitor your property and safeguard it.

As a reliable private security firm in the Miami area, we only select the best security guards who can provide practical solutions to your security problems. Our armed guards and unarmed guards go through a stringent selection process and a series of background checks and drug tests.

This ensures we get trained and professional individuals that have extensive experience in patrol techniques and defensive tactics. To maintain this level of quality, we have in-house training programs that upgrade and update the skills and competencies of our security personnel.


Let the professionals step in

You can’t always rely on tech devices to protect your home, office, or apartment. Tech equipment is prone to failure, and some criminals know how to outsmart them, compromising the safety of your property.

Fortunately, by investing in security guard services, you can add an extra layer of security to your property, deterring criminal activities. Our security guards use advanced security technologies to secure your premises, and they maintain a positive and professional attitude in every situation. With our extensive experience in the security guard industry, there’s no threat that’s too big or small for our guards.

We’re fully equipped with the necessary tools to ensure we carry out all our responsibilities. With our security guard services, you have peace of mind knowing you’re in safe hands 24/7.


Need security guard services in Miami?

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