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If you’ve been the victim of a recent break-in in your apartment, retail store, home, or office, you know why having a security system in place is essential. Criminals and burglars often target these places, and the incidence of crime usually causes a great loss to families, managers, and business owners.

Luckily, you can prevent and deter crime on your property in the Dallas area by hiring security guards. Having qualified and trained security guards on your property ensures your assets, valuables, and employees feel safe and secure.

Whether you’ve experienced an invasion before or are scared that one might happen, it’s wise to have a security guard service on your premises to act as a barrier against theft, sabotage, and unlawful entry.

What we provide

At The Guard Alliance Inc, we provide top-notch security guard services to clients in the Dallas area. Our security guards secure your premises by patrolling the entire area and monitoring your surveillance systems.

Some of the security guard services we offer include:

  • Armed guards
  • Unarmed guards
  • Fire watch services
  • Private security

As a top-rated security guard service in Dallas, The Guard Alliance Inc is committed to providing professional and reliable security services to meet your needs. We work with clients in various industries, including office buildings, construction sites, apartments, commercial sites, warehouses, banks, schools, and retail stores. So, you can trust us to secure your property, regardless of the industry you’re in.

Why invest in our security guard services?

In Dallas, our clients rely on us to provide unmatched, high-quality professional fire watch services and security guards. That’s why all our security guards go through a stringent selection process, ensuring we hire the best armed guards and unarmed guards for your business, home, or school.

We understand that with the saturated market, there are numerous security guard companies to choose from, and selecting one can be difficult. But, selecting The Guard Alliance Inc is your best bet at safeguarding your premises. Here’s why:

1. 24/7 patrol services

If you want quality patrol services in Dallas, we’re your best choice. Our security guards have more than two decades of collective experience in patrol services, and we can customize our security services to meet the needs of your property.

Since our patrol security services are available 24/7, you can choose the rounds, days, and the number of hours per round based on your needs. Additionally, we have a large fleet of patrol vehicles that are in excellent working condition. With us, you have peace of mind knowing no one can access your property unauthorized.

2. Emergency help

It’s no secret that most of our properties are full of potential fire hazards. Unfortunately, automatic fire prevention systems such as fire sprinklers can fail, causing fires to spread and cause more damage. Luckily for you, The Guard Alliance Inc responds immediately to emergencies and is available 24/7.

Our fire watch guard services are your best bet at fire prevention as we have extensive experience and our fireguards are well-trained. We always keep close contact with you and the local fire department to ensure we can provide practical solutions if things go wrong.

3. Flexible and reliable

At The Guard Alliance Inc, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. That’s why we work with our clients to figure out exactly what security services they need, depending on their industry and specifications.

From keeping your family members safe in your residential property to safeguarding your employees at your construction site, our security guard service aims to protect and secure everyone. For example, if you own a retail store and are worried about break-ins, you can hire our retail guards to deter theft and crime.

Importance of security guard services

Our security guard service can be beneficial to you in many ways. This includes:

1. Protection

It’s important that your clients, employees, friends, and family members feel safe and secure when they’re inside your home or business premises. Without a proper security system in place, your business productivity can deteriorate as employees don’t feel safe, affecting how they work.

Alternatively, burglars can easily break into your home or apartment and steal valuables. Therefore, it’s vital to provide everyone with the protection they deserve by investing in private security.

2. Access control

Armed guards and unarmed guards ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to your business premises. Security guards also make sure that highly confidential areas such as vaults in banks and private offices in retail stores are fully secure.

If you work in a high-value company in Dallas, our security guards ensure only employees with proper IDs can enter the premises. Additionally, we ensure clients and visitors undergo proper security checks before accessing your office building.

As top-rated security guards, we ensure proper access control on your private property, preventing security issues that can cause significant losses.

3. Monitoring

As mentioned earlier, The Guard Alliance Inc has a large fleet of patrol vehicles that our security guards use to monitor all areas on your property efficiently. We check for any suspicious activities and ensure all security protocols are in place.

And, if you want extra protection, you can hire our armed security guards to patrol your business and home premises. They’re licensed to carry firearms, and they’re trained in defensive techniques and anti-terrorism.

Security guards vs. security systems

Many people opt for security systems to safeguard their properties as they’re affordable and easy to install. However, they are no substitute forour security guard service. Security systems such as alarms, wireless monitors, and fire sprinklers can fail.

Luckily, our security guards can quickly respond to emergencies, securing your Dallas property before the security threat escalates further. Our security guards have to undergo background verification processes with the FBI, DOJ, and state and local law agencies so you can trust them to secure your valuables and assets.

Need a security guard service in Dallas?

If you need a reliable security guard service in Dallas, contact The Guard Alliance Inc today to get your quote, and our team we’ll get back to you immediately.

Our Services

Unarmed Guards Service

We are staffed with licensed, well selected and highly trained unarmed security guards dedicated to their communities.

Armed Guards Service

Becoming an armed security guard in California is no small matter. We assign only the most professional guards.

Fire Watch Service

We provide commercial and residential properties with well trained personnel that understand all procedures.

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