3 Ways Not Selecting the Right Security Company Can Put Your Safety at Risk

The success and reliability of your company greatly depend on the security of your premises. People, including your potential clients, associate the quality of your brand with how well your properties are protected and how seriously you take their safety when they visit your facility. Not only opting for security patrol services is important, but hiring the right company for this job. In this blog, we will tell you 3 ways not selecting the right security company can put your safety at risk.

  • Overpromising & Misrepresentation – Overpromising a client about their capabilities to resolve all security issues is a common problem with many security providers. This problem can be found in companies that misrepresent themselves and operate under standard billing rates.
  • Inexperienced Management – Many security companies with inexperienced management, when they bid on an account, provide incorrect or giveaway pricing, which generally results in poor or incomplete patrol security service. Shortly after getting the account, these companies realize that, after all the expenses are paid, they’re not making any profit. And that’s where their motivation to retain the account or to do a great job is gone.
  • Removal of Certain Services – As a result of not pricing the account properly, most security companies make up the difference by cutting out or degrading major portions of their security patrol services in Los Angeles, such as testing, background checks, patrol checks, training, and supervision.  This significantly reduces the quality of the service. As a client, you simply don’t want that! 

When it comes to the security of your premises, compromises can turn out to be very costly. You should not hire just anyone for this job. Partner with The Guard Alliance — one of best in the business — for security patrol service in San Francisco and achieve peace of mind.

3 Solid Reasons Why You Should Hire Armed Security Guard Services for Medical Facilities

Just like government facilities, businesses, commercial settings, and other places, hospitals, and medical facilities also have their fair share of security threats. This is primarily because their doors are always open to the general public. This makes them more vulnerable to theft, attack, vandalism, and other criminal activities than other public institutions. There have been reported cases in the US wherein burglars made hospitals their target to steal expensive drugs and medical equipment. Besides, visitors and patients present different threats to the staff and everyone in the facility. However, you can easily prevent the majority of these situations with the help of armed security guard services. 

Here are a few reasons why you should hire armed security guard services in Sacramento for hospitals and medical centers:

Improving security in volatile areas

Many medical facilities treat patients who may potentially pose threats to the staff and other visitors. For instance, a psychiatric unit has patients who can go haywire in a blink, posing threats to the medical doctor and nurses. Plus, many mental health patients tend to have suicidal thoughts, which is another problem. However, you can ensure that nothing of this sort happens in your facility by hiring armed security guards in Los Angeles. 

Restricting access to sensitive areas

Hospitals are open for visitors all round the clock; however, this open nature increases the risk of visitors entering those areas where only the staff entry is authorized. And since controlled access is the key to running a successful and safe medical facility, ensuring that visitors do not access unauthorized areas is of the utmost importance. This is where armed security guard services come to the rescue, maintaining controlled access for visitors. 

Preventing crime

You probably didn’t know this, but hospitals are more likely to attract thieves and burglars than other properties because of their open-door environment. However, you can deter most criminal activities, such as vandalism, theft, burglary, and others, with the help of armed guards trained to keep such activities at bay. 

Final note

Medical facilities need as much security as any other facility in the country. This is why the hospital and medical center owners should pay special attention to increasing the level of security in their facilities. 
If you are looking for security guards for your facility, be it a hospitable or commercial, we provide private armed security guards for hire to help boost the security of your setting

Security Guard Service in These Coronavirus Times.

Since the first cases of Covid-19 in the United States a few weeks ago, almost the entire economy of the country has come to a halt. While many people are not deemed essential workers and have been confined at home; The security guard industry has seen a boom. The Guard Alliance Inc based in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Area has had to provide services for more businesses who had to shut doors due stay at home guidelines. Security guards while not seen in the same light as police forces or nurses, play an important role in securing people and goods in these uncertain times.