Foot Patrol Security Services

Foot Patrol Security Services

Foot patrol security services are the heart and soul for many businesses across the nation that have experienced a crime surge since the pandemic occurred in 2020. With businesses closing, many companies letting go of their staff, and criminal behavior and activity increasing, the role of security guards for properties everywhere has become a more vital part of security protocol that is instrumental in ensuring the safety of those within the property and the property itself. 


Many businesses, including grocery stores, apartment complexes, industrial businesses such as construction sites, small businesses, high rise buildings, and even neighborhoods are enlisting the help of a physical security deterrent to guarantee that their cars, premises of the property, and those who have access to the property are safe. A number of security guard companies provide additional services within the security guard packages they offer, such as a 24-hour dispatch hotline for clients and guards to provide real time information in case of serious situations on the property. Foot patrol security guards are trained to monitor hallways, alleyways, areas in the building that are accessible from the street, parking lots, and other locations that are completely customizable and based on the client’s requests. In this blog, learn more about foot patrol security services and if these services are the best option for your property.


Foot Patrol Provides:


Regularly Walking or Travelling:

Deterring Crime or Transient Activities

Checking perimeter for any suspicious activity

Towing Unauthorized vehicles on the property

Monitoring CCTV Cameras and responding to any calls

Ensuring all doors are locked and the property is secured 

Checking All Entrances and Exits

Observing behavior of visitors, customers, vendors, and other people

Responding to Emergencies

Tracking vendors inside and outside of the property

Completing a sign-in sheet for all visitors

Ensuring that those on the property are safe and secured


Usually for properties that may not allow vehicle access, has floors, and has areas that may need in-person visibility (alleyways, under the stairs for a building, etc.). Foot patrol is utilized on construction sites for areas that are not accessible by a vehicle, and areas that may need to be thoroughly inspected on a regular basis. Foot patrol, whether for armed or unarmed guards, or for fire watch, greatly benefits clients that need coverage in areas where CCTV cameras are not utilized, or for overnight shifts, where transient activity may heighten on a property. If property or material is stolen on a property, or there are car break-ins or property break-ins, foot patrol is recommended as a way to deter potential theft and crime on a property, as vehicles may not be able to access areas where a guard who is patrolling on the ground will be able to. Foot patrol is great for areas that are highly visible and where there is a high concentration of foot traffic and crime, as they will be easily seen by potential persons that may try to enter the property otherwise.


The Guard Alliance Inc. provides professionally certified and screened armed and unarmed security guard foot patrol personnel for property across 14 states nationwide. Choose a completely customizable security guard or fire protection service that is completely insured and bonded. Clients will have access to our 24-hour dispatch center, as well as hourly activity reports of the guards’ patrols while they are scheduled to provide security for the property/establishment. To learn more about our services and history, read another short blog about The Guard Alliance Inc.’s history and services, or explore our website to learn more about how we can help to secure your property. 


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